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Mälardalen University


The Mälardalen University (MDU) in Sweden boasts of staff of 1000, 19 900 students across 1200 courses and 79 programs at Bachelor’s and Master’s level, 222 doctoral students in Healthcare (including Physiotherapy), Design and Communication, Economics, Education, Engineering, Music, and research in several domains: Healthcare and Welfare, Future Energy, Embedded Systems, Industrial Engineering and Organization, Innovation and Product Realisation, Educational Sciences and Mathematics. MDU has a close collaboration with the private and public sectors contributing towards the better health of people and a more sustainable planet.

At the MDU School of Health, Care and Social Welfare, ten interdisciplinary research groups study various aspects of health and welfare. Digitalised courses are regularly developed and conducted at all levels of education. The teaching staff is familiar with several digital resources used in the education programs. The researchers and teachers continuously work for the development of the international environment to create possibilities for cooperation in education and research. MDU aims to offer education and research of a high international standard and increase the possibilities for cooperation and exchange with other countries for teachers, students, researchers, and administrative staff. At MDU, there are approximately 15 academic Physiotherapy staff. Two student intakes of BSc Physiotherapy students occur each year. Development of the curriculum for a behaviour medicine approach in PT education is ongoing continuously. All persons participating in the current PROMINENCE project have more than 10 years of experience in teaching at HE level. Education research in clinical reasoning, as it relates to behaviour change, is conducted. The staff has experience of several systems in teaching and learning methods. Research is conducted in behaviour medicine in Physiotherapy, especially about behaviour change topics, e.g., changing sedentary lifestyles. Epidemiological competence in obesity research is the focus of the senior lecturer/researcher, Susanna Lehtinen Jacks, from the Public Health Department in this Prominence project. Susanna has been co-chair of the Public Health and Prevention Task Force of the European Association of Obesity. Physiotherapy academic focus is on behaviour medicine approaches in Physiotherapy.

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